Winter Homesteading Activity : How to Raise Fish for Food or Profit at Home

If you are into homesteading then in many places you won’t be much active outside home during the winter season. In such case you’d have to think of some indoor activity. And keeping aquarium and raising fish can be one good activity. If you decide to do it for profit, you can sell some exotic fishes. And if you decide to do it for food, then you have plenty of options too. Depending on your budget and the available set of the native fish, you can easily make aquarium at home.

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Things you’d need for Building Aquarium

These are some of the things that you’d need for building the aquarium at home. Depending on the type of plan you’d choose things would be lot different in proportions for say glass and also for the amount of glue you’d need. And also some other items such as sand and stone. And if you choose to decorate with other things that would be different too. So I’d suggest you to start with the simple items and find a good aquarium blueprint for yourself.

Pick the plan such as shown in the image.

Image Credit: Markthedev 

Building the Aquarium

Now that you have all the content. You should consider building the aquarium using available blueprint. Stack one glass at a time. Use glue to connect the acrylic. Take professional help if you want. There are plenty of youtube videos that you can check. And lot of interesting information available. So you have plenty of things to learn here. Take one glass at a time and connect the acrylic. I’d say you should definitely check some of the available process depending on the bluepring that you are selecting. You can also get the readymade aquarium, but that would defeat the purpose for making something your own. So I’d recommend making the aquarium your own design.


  • Use quality acrylic.
  • Make sure to avoid using existing acrylic as it may be harder to clean.
  • Check the space available where you’re keeping the aquarium. Avoid keeping it around electricity.
  • Avoid keeping the aquarium near food and storage places like pantry.

Getting Fish for Aquarium

You should keep few things in mind in this case. Make sure to understand the local atmosphere and availability of some fish. And here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Start with simple fish.
2. Find out the compatibility of different species and choose fish accordingly.
3. Don’t buy incompatible fish for aquarium.
4. If buying crab and prawns, make sure to find the compatible fish around them.
5. Avoid overfeeding the fish.
6. Clean the water.
7. Check the water hydrogen cycle and update it regularly.

Don’t feel like making the aquarium from scratch. Then you should check out the available acrylic aquarium. It’ll be something like this.

This way you don’t have to spend much time building this. But if you are into this for profit or say food then you should definitely get the ready-made acrylic aquarium set. If you have find this article useful, share this on social media.

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