Why You Should Keep Bee House

Thinking of keeping bees? If you decide to raise honeybees then you have plenty of guides online that point you to various tips and tricks. And lot of those tricks are specific to design of bee house and type of bees you can have around. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons that you should keep bee house in your garden. 

I think there are lot of questions that people may have while keeping the beehive in your garden. So let’s tackle some of the questions so that we can see the potential benefits. That way you can get better idea of the beekeping issues before going ahead with the beehouse.

Why you should keep the bee-house?

There are many benefits of keeping the bee house. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Honey : That’s the most obvious reason. And you’re going to have fun with the way honey is grown in your own garden. And though it takes time for the honey to extract but something you have tried on your own has it’s pleasure of experience.

2. Wax : When the honey is kept in the bee house, it’s stored in the beeswax. And you have to exact the beeswax after you take the honey out. There are lot of benefits of beeswax that we can check out later.

3. Pollination Process: Bees help pollinate many flowers. And that’s something they do and keep the flowers alive. So their demand in the nature continues even though we have been ignoring this for year. So you can read more on pollination process. And see how you’re helping the nature by keeping the bees in your garden or farm or your food forest. So there are things that you can learn from this.

What’s the use of the beeswax?

Beeswax can be handy in many scenarios. And it can make you money too. So never ignore the beeswax, it can make you more money than the honey itself. Here are some of the sample uses of the beeswax.

1. Essence Candle.
2. Shoe polish.
3. Lip balm
4. Body lotions.
5. Moulding Clay for kids.
6. Crayons.

And the list goes on. You can find more use for the beeswax depending on what you wish to do with it. I’d say on that note you should keep the beeswax.

How to handle neighbor issues while keeping bees?

I think this is valid concern. Here some of the bees can pose threat if you’re keeping the beehouse near any neighbors region. So in the event of removal of the honey and other wax removal times some bees may end up attacking the neighbors. However there are some of the professional beekeepers who tell you how to avoid this scenario. How to attract bees and how to keep the honey safe along with how to plan the removal. So this way you don’t end up having issues with safety of your own and neighbors.

What about licenses for keeping bees?

Though by keeping bees we are helping the nature. There are some states in the world that expect you to have license for keeping bees or even any pets. So you may have to consult with local authority for the same. In my state we don’t have any such issues. And in fact we get help from the govt. in case if the license is an issue then make sure to get it. And if you have the farm then it’s more easier for you to take it for every activity to avoid closure.

Which bee house is good for starters?

Anyone who is starting with the bee house as a new hobby they should check out the mason bee house. I am assuming that you’re not approaching this for the honey collection business. So the fancy mason bee house are good in that context.

If you’re trying to make honey collection as a business then you should definitely go for the bee house which let’s you easily extract the honey. Check this simple beehouse design.

Hope you find this article helpful and it helps you make a choice to keep a bee house in your garden or farm.