What’s the Difference Between SaltWater Tank and Fresh Water Tank ?


People who wish to purchase aquarium tank often wonder that what the difference between saltwater and freshwater tank is. Though freshwater aquarium setup is much cheaper in comparison to saltwater setup there are many advantages of saltwater aquarium setup.
You’ll find that there are more variety of fish for saltwater than freshwater. In comparison to freshwater, you’ll spend a lot of money on saltwater aquarium. You’ve to take care of many things like lighting, filter and food if you wish to maintain saltwater fishes. Saltwater fishes are sensitive to environmental changes. You’ll find saltwater fishes in ocean and sea. Depending on the compatibility between the fishes it leaves you choice of selecting either peaceful or aggressive fishes. Some of the fishes being too much aggressive are rarely considered for home saltwater aquarium setup.

If you’ve enough money to spend on saltwater tank then there are two options for you to choose:
– Reef tank setup
– Fish only setup

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Reef tank setup contains invertebrates and some fishes that can coexist with invertebrates. Fish only tank doesn’t contain invertebrates. Depending on the disease and breeding you’ll have to maintain the quarantine tank while keeping saltwater fish. In case of freshwater tank you’ll rarely have to worry about quarantine as most of the fishes are rarely susceptible towards most of the disease that is
transferred because of introducing of new fish.

Freshwater fishes can survive with most of the environmental changes but this is not the case with saltwater fishes. This is because freshwater fish has stable environment in water that makes it easily adapt to any new changes in water. Many species of saltwater fish are hard to capture from sea and because of this shipping and handling cost associated with these fish’s increases. Other than fish even invertebrates are also costly so that makes saltwater tank more costly.

If you’re willing to spend some money or you wish to keep variety of fish and invertebrates then saltwater tank is for you.

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