What to do if you’re stung by lionfish ?

There are many fishes in ocean which are harmful to humans and lionfish is one of the dangerous fish among them. Though they’re harmful but have stunning look and many people feel like touching them but beware they’ve spine which are poisonous. There are many cases where people report getting harmed by lionfish spines.

If you’re planning to keep them in your home aquarium then be careful while adding food in the tank or even while isolating fishes in the same tank. But no matter how you take precautions there are chances that there will be issue with them if you keep them in home aquarium. But what can you do if they sting you ?

  • Consult a doctor immediately.
  • For next 20 minutes you’ll feel pain which are so intense that you feel like cutting area where lionfish is stung.
  • Pain will reach it’s peak after hour or so and after 8-10 hours it’ll subside.
  • To reduce the action of venom put the stung area under hot water which you can bare.
  • Next time don’t forget to wear protective gloves.

Though there is no such medication possible to relieve you from pain of lionfish spines so make sure you don’t get stung at first place.