What is the Difference Between a Budgie and a Parakeet

I’m sure many of you have this question in mind and are searching online or offline to see the references for the difference. You’ll find that there is no difference between a budgie and a parakeet. The name parakeet is often found in conversation of people outside Australia. In native Australians conversation they call parakeets as ‘budgerigar’. Other than Australia some parts of the word call them in short form ‘budgie’. So don’t be surprised if anyone calls lovebirds ‘budgie’, or ‘parakeet’. Most of the avian vets are likely to call with these names to the birds. You’ll also find some vets instead of calling them budgies or keets – call ‘love birds’. There are variations of love birds of course but parakeets are also known as ‘love birds’ in some parts of Asia.

Common Names for Budgies

  • Shell Parrot
  • Warbling Grass parakeet
  • Canary Parrot
  • Zebra parrot
  • Flight Bird
  • Scallop Parrot
  • Betcherrygah

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