Water Supply for Parakeets – Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain


I have this big cage for birds and dish for the water was not enough for my flock of parakeets. I was looking for a pet fountain machine for constant stream of water supply. I didn’t found a single one for birds so i decided to try if there was any for dogs and cats. After searching a lot i found drinkwell pet fountain which was made for cats and dogs. If you have a cat or dog in your home then you should get this instead of letting them use kitchen sink or dish water.

My parakeet flock usually fight while drinking water and the water from the dish is not enough for them. I had to search for pet fountain because i think it could be a good place for them to drink water and to take a dip when they feel like cleaning their feathers. Drinkwell pet fountain gives constant stream of water supply and can hold upto 50 ounces of flowing water. To avoid odor and smell there is charcoal filter that clears the waste and keeps the set from getting any bad odor.


  • For parakeets, cats it remains quite stable and will not tip over. In case of dogs, there are some chances of tipping it over.
  • If you want to store water for parakeets then it holds enough water for a flock of parakeets in it.
  • You don’t have to worry about parakeets splashing the water all over place as it is at low level from the edges and set drains water quickly so it is perfect for parakeets.
  • Motor doesn’t make much sound and there is no way it can scare birds with the sounds. Make sure your motor is in good condition, if it makes sound just replace it with new.


  • I found this set a bit hard to clean. You have to clean this set once in week or thrice a month in order to avoid the odor and to keep the set clean. Usually parakeet don’t keep the water area clean so it’s upto you to clean it often and as this set makes it hard to clean, found it bit disappointing. You should clean this set using white vinegar and constant stream of your sink to get it clean quickly and in the areas which are hard to clean by brush.
  • You need to keep the water level to moderate in order to avoid getting the dry pump and to keep water inside set. So you have to be careful while maintaining this unit.

I found this pet fountain safe for parakeets and cats. Water stream is nice and keeps water quality good in fountain. Parakeets like to stay near the water for long time if they get bored and this is another place where they can relax. If you have group of parakeets in your large cage then you can consider getting this unit for them.

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