Teflon Toxicity in Parakeets

You may have noticed sudden death of parakeet or perhaps your parakeet is having breathing problem. This is because of birds having a susceptible condition called “teflon toxicity”. This is because of the gas that is emmits from the heated teflon cookware.

The gas is emmited because of the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) found on most of the cookwares. That’s why many bird keepers and vets suggests you to remove the teflon coated cookware. If you can’t do that then move the bird away from your kitchen or in areas where they can breathe fresh air instead of that gas.

Signs of PTFE toxicosis

You will find your parakeet showing following signs –

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  • Having difficulty in breathing
  • anxious behavior
  • Depressed
  • Too sleepy
  • weakness
  • Incoordination
  • wheezing
  • Heavy breathing

PTTE affects the lungs and that is the reason for their respiratory problems.

How to prevent PTFE toxicosis in parakeets ?

You have to be very careful when it comes to toxicity in air. By carefully eliminating the items that causes toxicity in air can help keep the bird healthy.

  • Make sure you throw – Non-stick pots, pans, Ceramic cooking stoves and other teflon coated cookware.
  • Don’t boil water or food in Teflon coated cookware. Avoid teflon coated items for cooking. You can keep the cermaic or teflon coated items to store food instead.
  • If your neighbor or rented family/person uses teflon coated items then keep your birds away from their kitchen’s smell.
  • If your house is small and kitchen is near from the place where birds are kept then make sure every room is properly ventilated.

If you fail to do any of the above then make sure that you keep bird away from the kitchen (be it yours or neighbors). You can read Parakeet health guide by julie marcini to learn how to take care of your parakeet.

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