Saltwater Aquarium Setup

When it comes to keeping aquarium at home you’ve choice to choose either saltwater or fresh water aquarium. Saltwater aquarium is costly yet many people prefer it when they choose to keep home aquarium. Though saltwater aquarium is costly but you’ve many fish variety to choose from.

Why saltwater aquarium?

  • If you choose to go with saltwater aquarium you’ll get more variety of fishes to choose from and with that you’ll be able to explore more of ocean life.
  • If you’re keeping aquarium just for kids then buying more saltwater fishes will let your kids know more about ocean life & fishes.
  • Though saltwater requires more care but this will connect you more with the fishes in tank. You’ll spend some time to take care of their health, which could be de-stressing experience that we get from any other pet.
  • Saltwater fishes are available in variety of color, shapes and sizes than freshwater fishes. So for showcase and gazing they’re perfect at home.

Choosing Saltwater Aquarium

Tank– For tank you can either get a glass or acrylic. Glass is less expensive and easy to clean and is readily available as well. Think about appropriate size and length for your tank.

Size of tank– More fishes you want to add larger tank size you need to have. Also if the fish, plants and filter area takes larger area in tank so keep some distance such that it takes time for fishes to move from one part of tank to another, this increase in length will allow you to more gaze on tank. If you plan to add large length fish into tank then you need to increase the length of tank as well.

Weight– Tanks will have filter, glass and stone weight so make sure you don’t add much weight to tank as the place where you keep it need to balance it.

Taking care of Saltwater Aquarium

When it comes to saltwater aquarium you need to take more care of tank than freshwater aquarium. Also you need to change your aquarium filters regularly if they’re wear out early. As the fishes of saltwater aquarium are worthy of maintenance and money, you’ll hardly even notice any pain for this maintenance.

  • You need to change the water every week. Some people suggest changing water every two weeks, so pick what works best for your aquarium.
  • Check ammonia, ph, and nitrate, salinity level regularly. If the ph level is too high adding a baking soda can balance things out. For low salinity you can add salt a bit in water.
  • You also need to maintain the appropriate levels of chlorine and iodine in your tank. Depending on the type of fish in your tank, you need to maintain these levels.
  • Every week you need to change at least 10% of tank water with freshwater or de-chlorinated water.
  • Check the filter pads and always see if the tank is properly filtering the waste. If not then you need to see if the aquarium filters are working properly. Clean the gravel and plant waste if it’s not filtered. Keep the temperature of the tank at level which suits the fishes in tank. If all fish are of different types then choose the moderate level to maintain temperature.

Because of types of fishes which are available for saltwater aquarium and the cheap cost for building aquarium you’ll find that saltwater aquarium perfect choice for you to maintain aquarium at home. Find some interesting fishes for saltwater aquarium if you plan to purchase it.

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