Parakeet Seeds – Volkman Parakeet Seed Mix 4 lb

Many birds prefer diet of seeds. Small birds usually prefer black oil sunflower seeds while some birds prefer seed mix. Parakeets loves seed mix and often they prefer it over fruits and vegetables. Seed mix is very easy to crack open by parakeets. It contains moderate amount of fat and oil in it which is perfectly suitable for parakeets.

One such seed brand is volkman which is popular for bird seeds. Volkman seed mix contains – white proso millet, canary seed, oat groats, flax seed, vitaminized oat groats, sterilized hemp seed, red proso millet, dehydrated carrot granules, dehydrated spinach flakes. Parakeets are curved, sharp beaked birds so they can easily crack these seeds and will enjoy while eating it. Don’t forget to give them fruits and vegetables as well.

Volkman seed mix contains perfect balance of fat and oil along with other nutritional factors. These seeds are suitable for finches, woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals and jays as well.

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