Parakeet Budgerigar Molting


There are times when your parakeet remains calm and lot of his feathers are falling out of cage. In this case there are maximum chances of molting process that is going on with the body of your parakeet. Molting process is simply means parakeet’s body is replacing it’s feathers with new one which happens atleast 2-3 times or more in a year. You’ll see some spikes on parakeet’s body during this process, especially on head you’ll see some spikes. In some cases you’ll also observe the change in color of new feathers for some time before color goes back to normal. Parakeets will also lose some wing feathers and tail feathers during this process.


How to take care of parakeet during molting process

During this process it takes lot of their energy t grow feathers again and because of which their diet also changes. In this period they require food with lots of vitamin and energy. Make sure you don’t introduce any other food during this time as they’re likely to ignore any new food. You can put a warm source of light or simply place them near warm room. They’re also likely to remain calm during the molting process so unless it shows any other symptom don’t worry about it. There are chances of some parakeets going on hard molt which is the process where they get ill and eat less and interact very less with others and you. If you think if parakeet is gone sick then you can put the bird in quarantine cage and visit avian pet for further treatment.

Things to note during molting process

  • Don’t keep them in cold place or room during molting process
  • No new food should be introduced during molting process
  • Do not breed the budgie during this time as they’re low on energy
  • If they’re bleeding during this process often then you should show them to avian pet
  • Don interact with your bird or else it will go more into depressed state

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