Parakeet Sickness

If you own a parakeet pair or group then you need to know about the parakeet behavior changes for sickness. It is upto you to take care of them if any one them is sick. Though parakeets rarely show their sickness to avoid the predator hunt but we humans can see through their behavior of…

Aquarium & Fish Care Tips

Maintaining an aquarium can be a good hobby and it can be pleasing and less noisy experience unlike keeping other pets. If you’re serious about maintaining your own aquarium then you need to think about many points in order to keep fish in aquarium alive. Any little mistake could take life of fishes in aquarium.

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Aquarium Test Kit- Mardel 5-in-1 Test Strips

Fishes are sensitive towards the temperature and the acidity of the aquarium. Some fishes require constant attention from the aquarium keeper. Not paying attention to the water conditions and nitrogen cycle could result in death of the fish. So you can guess how much you need to maintain the water quality. In order to keep…