How To Purify Water For Drinking

Let’s learn How To Purify Water For Drinking. If you are homesteading or living off grid or at camp site. In such case you should be worried about the water quality nearby. Unlike city, you’d end up drinking raw water that has more bacteria.

And something for which your stomach is less likely to be prepared for. And this means you have to take extra care for purifying the water that you can safely drink.

In this article, I am going to document some of the ways with which you can purify the water for drinking. You could be on the vacation or trekking in the woods. In such case you’re subjected to the raw water. Some of the time such water can be contaminated with the random elements. And drinking that water directly is not a good idea. So I am going to point you towards some of the methods through which you can purify the water for drinking.

Boiling Water

This is the most basic method used for purifying the water for drinking. You can easily boil the water even during the camping days. When you are camping, you can use the respective options available to boil the water. You should do it for at-least 45 minutes for water to get rid of the impurity. Also you can use the clothe to filter out the water.

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Charcoal and sand filters can be used process the water further. Check the water boiler and warmer.

Purification Tablets

Most of the people visiting the deserted areas and the places with less water, keep those tablets with them. The reason being such places have water stored for longer time. And that water is more likely to be contaminated. And such tablets can be used to clean the quality of the water and reduce the bacteria. And also in some cases it can change the taste of the water. So that you can consume that water without having to worry about the water quality.

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If you wish to carry portable water cleaner then you should check out purification tablets.

Carbon filtering

Carbon Filter are pretty much common in the modern filters. Those filters can quickly clean the water. There are some machines that you can install at home. Also there are some of the small filters that make use of the carbon filtering and are portable in nature. That means you can take them with you on camping. Carbon filters are often bulky and harder to carry if you have multi filtering process inside it. Carbon filters are preferred even today because they don’t affect the quality of the water. They only take care of the impurity in the water.


This looks like a good option for those who are into homesteading and off grid living. So if you prefer simple yet effective cleaner in outdoors then check out carbon filter for camping or trek.


In this method for purification, you have to boil the water to such a specific temperature. That helps gets rid of the bacteria and some of the minerals. Water after specific temperature gets vaporized and purified. Hence the process is called distillation. And you can then clean the container that makes use of the distilled water. There are many solar water heaters, these can be used for the distillation process. In case of solar distillation you can make use of during the summer season. In case of winter season you may have to make use of the gas or the wood to boil the water. This method is useful if the water source is from spring water. And also this can be a good option in case if the water is not contaminated with minerals and other wastage in it.

It can clean the water but for further process you can use the charcoal carbon and the other methods. You can take a look water distiller.

Camping Water Filter

These are some of the water filters that you can take for the camp and for off grid living. Some of them are single use or the specific use limited. So after that you have to throw them. You can also buy those bigger water filters that are suitable for camping or the travel in the places where you may have impure water. Usually you can buy those purifiers from the market. Amazon and eBay have some really good models that are easy find.

I’d recommend checking out – camping water filter.

These are some of the water purification methods that easy to apply while homesteading. Water is one of the important element that you can’t ignore while homesteading. You should never ignore quality of water that you consume. See if you can make use of the above water purification methods for yourself. If you can find any other easy to implement filters for purifying water source in your place, go ahead and try to implement it. Do let me know about it in the comments. I’d be happy to learn from some of your suggestions.



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