How to Make Mason Jar Betta Aquarium

When you’re on low budget, It’s helpful to get creative with your aquarium planning. Adding your fish into small jar can be one good option. However just picking any random jar and adding your betta fish may not be the good idea. In this instructional post, I want to show you how you can make a better mason jar betta aquarium.

Let’s start with the items that you need.

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1. First thing that you need is a mason jar.

You can decide the size that you want for the aquarium. I try not to get small jar. I prefer either those big pickle jars or the beer jars. Either way make sure to have more space for your fish.

2. Get some glass marbles to keep at the bottom.

Considering you are not going to add any soil or even the sand. It’s helpful to add the glass marble. That should help keep the food stuck in between and your fish can then swim to the bottom to eat the food.

3. Add Plastic plants if you want.

Usually that would be for decor. Because fish won’t be eating it but it can find it as something natural type of habitat in that jar.

4. Add some water into the mason jar after you properly place the items.

5. Get some water out of the jar and add that water into your beta jar’s existing pouch or the bowl where you have kept it temporarily. This helps in acclimating the fish before you add it in the jar.


You may see jar something like this.

Image Credit: ‘A Casarella

That’s it. Your simple mason jar betta aquarium is ready to use. If you keep the jar nearby some dim light source, then those marbles will shine. So check out if you can do that in your mason jar.

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