How to Make Homemade Tooth Powder


Let’s learn how to make homemade tooth powder at home. Most of the commercial products out there make use of the chemicals. These chemicals affect the condition of the teeth. Some of the chemicals also happen to have impact on the brain of the kids and the adults alike. So if you plan on moving away from the commercial chemical products then this recipe can be handy for you to make tooth powder at home.

Why Should I use the homemade tooth powder?

If you are on this site then I assume that you have interest in the outdoor survival. And that means you’re not relying on the commercial products if you happen to google or search for the homemade products. The material I am planning to use for this tutorial is going to help you in many ways. For example baking soda is alkaline and it can help remove your stains. Charcoal is very handy to clean up some of the stuff that is stuck in your teeth and it also helps clean some bad odor out of your mouth. Bentonite clay is another ingredient that you can find useful for your teeth. Essential oils used in this recipe are for flavor and also for some smell. So you get the feeling after using the powder that you have brushed your teeth and feeling fresh.

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1. Take a bowl and add all the above listed ingredients into it.
2. Add peppermint essential oil on the top of the powder and then mix it well.
3. If you want to have flavor for the powder, then add respective essential oil in it.
4. Usually charcoal powder helps with the strong cleaning capacity but using it too much could end up making the powder turn dark, so make sure to use the amount properly.
5. You can avoid essential oil if you can find the powder equivalent of the flavor.
6. Do note that you have to properly use the amount for the baking soda. Adding too much and it can be a bit too much for the teeth.
7. There are some neem powder in the market which you can use in the tooth powder which can be really useful for you.


You can also make use of the Ayurvedic recipes that can be helpful for you if you like those natural ingredients. For example neem stick can be used instead of powder and it can definitely help clean the teeth more effectively.

As you can see depending on the material you use, the tooth powder can be more or less effective. You can use this tooth powder with the tooth brush or you can use the powder directly using the hands brush as normal. Charcoal if used more may affect your saliva and the dark color may release in saliva. That being said, this is a simple recipe for the tooth powder. If you find it useful let me know on twitter or in the comments or in the contact page.

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