How to Determine Gender of Parakeets

It is not so easy to determine the gender of parakeet especially if the bird is less than 1 year old that makes it more difficult to find out. Some parakeets will show the signs that makes it easy for you to determine but not always. Still there are many hints which you can use for finding out the gender of parakeet. If you still unable to figure out the gender then take the bird to vet so that he can test the blood for accurate results.


Check the parakeet cere for color.

The cere of adult male are usually blue or purple while the ceres of adult female are pinkish-tan or brown. But there is a flaw while finding out gender using this method as all the parakeets below 1 year have light tan or pinkish cere. Some breeds also have variation in color. So if your parakeet is young then you should consult with vet to determine the gender.


Male parakeets are social and active and are friendly towards other birds. Male parakeets also sing more than female. Female parakeets are more aggressive, less active and sing less in comparison to male parakeets. When female parakeets sing they are more louder than male parakeets. Both gender gnaw the toys and the stuff around them so you can’t take this behavior for granted. It is not clear that which gender talks much and mimics quicker but general observation learn towards male parakeets.

If you fail to confirm the gender of your parakeet,consult an avian veterinarian, so that you will get gender determined with DNA(blood) testing.