How Much Should I Feed Koi Fish

Koi fish feeding should not stress you. These are beautiful fish and if you have large pond then they can live just fine in it. But the question remains: How much should you feed koi fish? And what to feed your koi fish?

Let’s put some facts around.

  1. Koi fish are meant to be kept in the pond and not some small sized aquarium.
  2. Koi eat a lot. And so they are better be put into the garden ponds with larger area where they can eat algae once they run out of the daily feeding.
  3. Koi fish may get sick due to underfeeding and also due to overfeeding.

When to feed?

Some people feed the koi fish during the day time. Some feed them early in the morning. And then they feed the fish at the end of the day. And that usually happens at the night depending on how some people take time to feed them. You can usually feed koi pellet food at night.


Image Credit: icolorama. Unsplash.

This depends on where you are keeping the koi fish. In some regions where there is more warm environment. The fish may require regular feeding. In case of the cold environment the feeding needs to be properly balanced.

How much to feed?

Let’s handle this question. You should feed two times a day. And make sure to not overfeed. That calculation on feeding depends on how many fish are there in the pond. Also how much alternative food exists in the pond. I suggest you to find out the temperature charge for koi feeding. Based on that you can decide the frequency. But keep 2 times a day feeding cycle in mind. You can also buy the automatic koi feeder in your pond.

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