Homesteading Recipes: How to Make Ginger Garlic Soup


Learn How to make homemade garlic soup at home. This soup can be good for cough or during the fever. I am strictly keeping this recipe with the items that you can have around when you are living off grid. So here I have a recipe which is suitable for homesteaders who want to quickly make a soup that is good for health. Also you can have it in case of rainy season or the cough that can relieved with this soup. You can extend this soup recipe the way you want by changing some of the ingredients.

When to make this soup?

This soup is suitable during the rainy season and winter. It’s perfect for those days when you are not feeling good. I am not adding any chicken or the noodle into the soup. It’s clear ginger and garlic recipe. You can add vegetable as you find it for your taste. Make sure to check the alternative additions into the recipe at the end. I am sure you’d find that useful if you are planning to make the non veg version of the recipe.

Ginger Garlic Soup. Image Credit: Unsplash

So let’s get started with the soup.


  • 1 carrot (sliced in pieces of your choice)
  • 1 onion (sliced in the size of your choice)
  • Table Salt
  • 3 pieces of Garcinia indica or Kokum
  • Vegetable oil or olive oil
  • garlic cloves (variable amount on serving)
  • 2 ginger pieces
    Or garlic ginger paste


Take a bowl and add the 3 pieces of kokum into it. You can fill half the bowl with the water and let it remain for some time.


1. Take a pan and add 1 tablespoon of oil into it.
2. Let the oil heat in and then add the garlic and ginger paste (you can use the garlic and ginger pieces if you want but if it’s paste then it’s better)
3. Let the garlic ginger paste heat a bit.
4. Chop the onion pieces and once you see the paste turning a bit brown. You can add onion into the pan.
5. Make sure to stir well and let onion also get brown.
6. Add chopped carrot pieces into the pan. Add 5 tbsp of kokum water into the mixture.
7. Let this mixture hit for a minute or two.
8. Add a cup of water into the mixture. And let it heat for another minute till that water takes the color of paste.
9. After you see the water getting soaked into onion and carrot, you can add another cup of water.
10. Let this mixture cook for 4 minutes. Don’t overcook and get the carrot and onion pieces turn soft.

Alternative Additions in the Recipe

(with chicken or lamb or prawn broth (stock)

If you are preparing chicken or prawns or lamb at home. Keep the meat into the bowl and add some water. Let that water have some flavor of the meat. And then use that water for your ginger garlic soup. Make sure to add this after you add the kokum water into the mixture. The reason being you have to let the kokum mixture to take the strong taste of garlic. Longer you keep the meat stock water better the ginger garlic soup would taste.

This soup is a good home remedy for sore throat, fever and cough.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. I have made various changes to the above said recipe to make a quick soup. You can experiment it with egg, lettuce, chicken, prawns and any other vegetables of your choice. You’d be surely find this tasty and healthy during the cough days.

Make sure to Purify water at home, before you cook, otherwise often homesteaders end up with health issues.

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