Homesteading DIY How to Make Antibacterial Soap Recipe


Making soap while homesteading definitely helps a lot. As it saves you money. Also you learn to do things yourself. Which is pretty much the gist of the homesteading lifestyle. And the best part is you get to make the soap as required and only when needed.

It can save a lot of your time and money going out and buying the bars which often are overpriced. And also the market soaps are often made with the chemicals. So here we are making use of the soap base which does not have any harmful chemicals. You can also make the soap base from the scratch yourself too. But I am going to cover that part in other tutorial.

Here are few things that you need.

Soap Making Supplies Needed:

  • Soap Base (choose either butter milk or goat milk base)
  • Soap Mold (I have chosen this, you can prefer another mold like bee hive one shown below)
  • Lemon Essential Oil (Lot of options on this, you can choose the one of your choice)
  • Glass Measuring Cup (or similar that can be used in Microwave)
  • Yellow Soap Colorant (For soap color)
  • Plastic or wooden spoon for mixing (dedicated to soap making)

There are many different companies out there making the soap base. So I leave it to you for making the choice based on the available set of the companies with good reviews.

Here’s one soap base that I choose.

There are two types of molds that I have found online.

Here’s one soap mold that I have got. You can choose either one but pay attention to the quantity of the content required for mold.

Measuring cup such as this can be handy.

Here’s one measuring cup you can try. And if it can be used in the microwave then it can be good enough for the quick usage.

For essential oil. I have decided to go with the Lemon flavored oil.

As for the colorant for the soap, you can choose either yellow colorant or some other colorant.


Instructions for Citrus Soap Making

  1. If you want to make 4 to 5 soaps then you should take at-least 1lb of soap base.
  2. Depending on the mold size you may need additional soap base so choose the quantity accordingly.
  3. Cut the soap base and put it into the measuring cup.
  4. Melt the soap base into the microwave.
  5. For 1 lb base you can use the microwave for the 30 seconds and more for the higher quantity.
  6. Once the soap base is melted you can add the essential oil into the base.
  7. After that make sure to keep the soap based melted with the yellow colorant.
  8. Add the soap base into the mold evenly depending on the quantity available.
  9. Let it cool for an hour or so.
  10. Remove the bar from the mold and cover it with some plastic and store it.

That’s it. You’re ready to make use of your new soap. Noticed that we are not using the lye in the soap contents. So this one is lye free. There are some soap base which contain lye and you may have to choose whether to use it or not. I prefer not to use it and instead follow the above method for the soap making.

Antibacterial Homemade Soap

This is one activity that you can try out during the winter if you are running out of the DIY projects. I have found that there are very few people out there who make their own soap. The reason being lot among us don’t find this creative. But you can make use of the molds for different creative designs and also make soaps like say watermelon and pineapple shaped too. So the imagination is the key while making those type of the creative soaps.

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