Homestead DIY Make Candles from Scratch


In this post, let’s learn how to make candles from scratch. When you are living away from the city lifestyle into wilderness or the off-grid. You may often face the power issues. And in such case the candles and the other alternative ways to get light and power. The method explained here shows how to make candle in less than 15 minutes. If you want to make those decor candles then you may have to spend more time building candles.

There are some of the things you should know before you start making the candles.

Note on Wick holder

You can either make one at home. You can also buy some of those in the market. There are some of the candle makers out there who make their own. And that should work out for you too. I’d recommend getting one for yourself. The reason being wick holder are really what keeps the wick at the center. And getting it properly placed in the center is harder otherwise. I’d recommend having the wick holder.

Choosing Mason Jar or Glass Jar Size and Type

You can pick any sized mason jar. You can also make use of the glass jar here. The point is making use of the item that you want to decorate. Because some mason jars are transparent and some are a bit blurry. So if you want to decorate further then the non blurry jars are much better to get. You may have to look for those in the market. It’d be harder though considering there seems to be a lot of those which are china imported.

  Image: Glass Jar Candle (Credit: Unsplash)

Here are some of the items that you need:


1. Soy wax flakes 
2. Countertop Burners 
3. Mason Jar 
4. Pouring Pot 
5. Candle Wicks
6. Wax Colorant 
7. Essential Fragrance Oil 
8. Wick Holder

Instructions for Making Candle

  • Take wick holder and attach the candle wick to the holder. Let the wick holder properly hold the wick to the center of the mason jar.
  • Get the pouring pot and melt the 1 lb of soy wax flakes and wax colorant. Adjust the quantity depending on the size of the mason jar. This way you can decide how much bigger candle you have to make with the jar.
  • Add the essential fragrance oil and the glitter if you want into the liquid while it is boiling.
  • Pour the liquid into the mason jar while it’s boiling. Make sure to watch your hands and also keep the liquid away from the body. As it is likely to spread lot quicker inside the jar. So better make sure to properly add it while watching the wick holder.
  • If you want to decorate the mason jar you can take a look at various mason jar decoration videos on YouTube that can make this candle jar even more attractive.

That’s it. This is the simple process for making the mason jar based candles at home. You can extend this and decorate the candle. You can also try the water based candles if you want. But those are not worth it for the long term. And they are often used for the short term decoration.

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