Frogspawn Coral

Maintaining reef tank is becoming a hobby these days. With the availability of more saltwater fishes you can easily get everything you want to maintain a reef tank. Adding a coral is essential if you want to keep appearance like reef tank. Getting a coral for your tank is not that difficult if you’ve aquarium shop or if you’ve sea near your city. There is one large polyp stony coral called frogspawn coral which you can keep it easily without having to care much about it.

Frogspawn Coral Profile

  • Scientific Name : Euphyllia divisa
  • pH : 8.1 – 8.4
  • Temperature : 24°C – 28°C
  • Region: Red Sea, Samoa, Indo-Pacific, Solomon Islands, etc.
  • Water Flow: Moderate

Image Credit : Nano Reef

Frogspawn coral is also known as grape coral. They’re relatively easy to take care of but all you’ve to do is watch out while they acclimate. They’ve high lighting level and moderate water flow level. They’re difficult to keep in captivity. But you can cut off a branch and attach it with help of super glue to live rock (make sure rock is large). From there coral will propagate on it’s own. This process of letting them to propagate in captivity is called as fragging. While placing them in new tank make sure you keep ph stable and calcium/alkalinity level high. Water flow in the tank should be moderate because high flow could slow down their extending.

They require high level of lighting due to the zooxanthellae in their tissue so it’s suggested to keep them at higher level in your tank if you’ve moderate lighting for tank. T5’s, metal halide are recommended lighting for frogspawn.

Behavior: Frogspawn coral is considered as aggressive towards other species of coral. Make sure you give them enough space to grow and high level of lighting. Because of their long tentacles it’s better to keep them at the bottom of the tank with enough space for them.

Food: If given regular food eventually will help them for growth. You can give them regular fish food or if unsure you can give most of the seafood available for corals.

They’re available in most of the aquarium shops but expect to spend a bit more cash for them. They’re priced at 30$ – 50$ for medium sized piece of coral. You can buy coral online at petplace shop.Frogspawn coral is one good addition for those who want to keep reef tank.

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