Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

If you want to maintain aquarium at home then freshwater aquarium is the best choice and it requires least maintenance in comparison to setup of saltwater aquarium, also it is least expensive. If you’ve no experience of maintaining any aquarium then starting off with freshwater aquarium is the best option for you. To setup freshwater aquarium all you need is tank, filter, heater and thermometer. After maintaining the proper water cycle in the tank all you need is some good fishes.

Choosing a fish for freshwater aquarium

When it comes to choosing freshwater fishes you’ve some limited options in comparison to saltwater fishes but if you choose well you can get colorful and eye-pleasing fishes. When you choose freshwater aquarium fishes make sure that you think about if there is any fish type that is predator in nature this is to ensure the safety of other fishes. Shopkeeper will let you know about any predator fish among the lot but be careful when selecting some fishes. Avoid placing sharks in tank of peaceful fish types. Also some fishes stay happy if they’re in a group of about 4-6 fishes so if any type requires company then buy those type of fishes in more numbers if possible.

Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

Ornate Bichir– Bichirs are cool fishes and there is not much care you need to take for them. It is perfect for those who are new to maintain freshwater aquarium. It can be as large as 60cm so you need big tank. This type of fish is not predatory but if get chances can take on guppies and goldfish.

Mosaic corydoras– these fishes grow size of 5.9 cms. These are small and white colored fishes with black dots on head. If you wish to keep small fishes in aquarium then mosaic corydoras are available in many aquarium sales shops.

Cichlids– these are most popular aquarium fishes. They’re available in various colors and smaller cichlids are harmless so can be kept with other type of fishes.

Dither Fish- these types of fishes are used to reduce the innate timidity in the tank by cichlids.

Lemon tetra– These are kept in 4-6 numbers in single tank. Extreme ph and temperature should be avoided for lemon tetra fishes.

Rainbow Fish– If you’re going to keep them then make sure you get big tank so that fishes don’t get pallid and unappealing. They’re less than 12 cms in size and they can stay with other small and big fishes without any harm. Keep atleast 4-6 rainbow fish in a tank.

Bristlenose pleco– They’re also known as sucker mouth catfish. They’re perfect for removing some waste and dirt from the tank. They usually stick to the glass for more than 20-30 minutes. Sometimes smaller fish needs to keep away from them as bristlenose could harm them. Their lifespan is also large and they can survive for about 10-12 years.

Three-lined pencilfish– They’re small in size of about 6cms and they’re having nice color combination. These fishes are peaceful but sometimes they do chase off other fishes and harass as well.

Gold barb – Gold barb’s are usually in size of about 7-8 cms. They’re active and peaceful fishes and quite pleasing to eyes as well. They’ve a lifespan of about 6-8 years and are perfect if placed in 4-6 numbers in tank. They’re available in colors golden yellow and orange colors usually.

Caring and Maintenance

With the all of above fishes you need to take care of ph and temperature of the tank. For ph levels you need to take of the each fish’s comfort level. Most of the above mentioned fishes are from tropical water so you need to maintain warm water in tank for them that will keep all of these fishes happy.

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