Fish Food for Freshwater Tropical Fish

Freshwater Fish require variety of fish food in order to stay healthy. You can consider from range of healthy diet fish food for your aquarium. There are also some types of fish food you can create at home. If you don’t want to spend time making your own fish food then best option is to get It from the store.

Note: Proper diet is essential while keeping fish in the aquarium. You can change the type of fish food multiple times per day. It is necessary to give fish food at-least 2-3 times per day. Make sure you don’t overfeed your fish because that leads to waste in tank as well as it affects health of fish.

Automatic Fish Food Feeder

You can use Automatic Fish Feeders to schedule the fish food. These machines spread the food on regular intervals and you can rest assure that you don’t skip by mistake. These machines usually serve up-to 14 times and then you have to refill the feeder.



Algae Wafers

These are suitable for the bottom feeders and algae eater fish. You can add them once every night or when you turn off the light of the tank.

Suitable for following type of fish:

  • Plecostomus
  • Silver dollar
  • Cat Fish
  • Snails
  • Cory Cats
  • Herbivorus bottom dwellers
Algae Wafer
Algae Wafer

Which Algae Wafer to Buy


Spirulina Algae

These algae are good for plecos, silver dollar and mollies. So If you have these fish then you can consider using spirulina into your tank. Spirulina is good source of protein and is perfect diet for fish with bowel movement. Check more information on Spirulina fish food.

Flake Fish Food

Flakes are good for top dweller fish as flakes float on the surface of water. Unless any fish drags them to the bottom during the process, they don’t reach to bottom dwellers. Also don’t add too much flake food into the tank. Flakes also turn bad after expiry date of the box, so make sure you buy them on monthly basis instead of buying jumbo box that never finishes.

Flake Food
Flake Food

Suitable for almost every freshwater fish.

Which Flake Food to Buy

Blood Worms

Blood worms are very good source of diet for the canivorus fish. Blood worms should be added to the diet occasionally. Just make sure you don’t add too much many blood worms as it could pollute your tank if they were left uneaten. San Francisco Frozen Dried Blood Worms are my preferred.

Shrimp Pellets

If you have bottom dwellers in the tank then these pellets should be fed to them. They sink easily and bottom dwellers don’t need to fight with other fish for it. Shrimp pellets should be considered especially if you plan to keep breeder tank.

Which Shrimp Pellet to Buy

  • Wardley Shrimp Pellet
  • HBH Pellet
  • Aqueon Pellet
  • Cobalt Shrimp Pellet
  • OSI Shrimp Pellet
  • Nutrafin Shrimp Pellet

Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp and shrimp pellets along with flake food makes a perfect diet. You can vary the frequency of three of them. You can also create brine shrimp at home but I personally prefer to get it packed at nominal cost.

Which Brine Shrimp to Buy

Frozen & Dried Fish Food

Frozen and Dried fish food can be tricky to feed. As the food spreads once it gets into the tank. It would be good to consider cutting them in size that is sufficient for feeding all the fish in the tank. Again It will take some time for you to get good at that. Cyclp-Eeze has dried frozen fish food variety.

Dried food often makes tank cloudy if there are preservatives in it. So be careful while adding too much of frozen and dried fish food. Krills and Blood Worms are available in the frozen method, It would be good to consider that you’re adding in small quantity.

Live Fish Food

Be careful while adding live food like Blood Worms into the tank. Make sure your fish can actually finish the worms or any other feeder fish or snails. Also when adding the earth worms or other live food, make sure you clean them If they are taken from the lawn where you have sprayed the fertilizer and any other drug. This is to protect your fish in the tank.