Fish Sickness – How to find out if your fish is sick

Like any other pet even aquarium fish gets sick and every beginner aquarium maintainer needs to know what to do when fish gets sick. Before you can do anything about their sickness you need to know how they eat, how they look and swim before you jump to conclusion that they’re sick. If you manage to recognize some change in their behavior then you’ll be able to tell that easily.

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Aquarium Filters

If you’re going to maintain an aquarium there are lots of things that you need to take care of. Aquarium filter is the one of important things when it comes to maintaining aquarium. Other than filter you’ve to think about other kits as well like heater, test kit etc.

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Beginner Invertebrates

If you’re beginner aquarist then knowing which invertebrate to keep in your saltwater tank or reef-tank is important. Keeping wrong invertebrate in your tank could result in conflict with other fishes. You’ll also lose lot of money and other stuff in aquarium if you keep incompatible fish & invertebrate in tank.

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What to do if you’re stung by lionfish ?

There are many fishes in ocean which are harmful to humans and lionfish is one of the dangerous fish among them. Though they’re harmful but have stunning look and many people feel like touching them but beware they’ve spine which are poisonous. There are many cases where people report getting harmed by lionfish spines. If … Read more

Fluval Edge 6 Gal. Aquarium Set Pewter – Fluval 15395

Traditional aquarium designs rarely look good on office space. Office spaces usually require esthetically sound aquarium designs. And if we look at those cheap aquarium tanks available in market then we can see that they’re not pleasant in viewing from multiple angles. So if you’re looking for 3D cube design of aquarium then fluval aquarium set can be a good choice.

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