Bacterial Infections in Parakeets-Budgies


Parakeets often fall ill because of bacterial infection and needs to be taken care of during this period. Some budgies/parakeets will show sign of their illness but some will not until they get stressed out. There are some symptoms which points you towards their bacterial infection and from there you need to take care of them by either medication with recommendation from avian vet or by following diet and care suggestions from vet. In this article i’m explaining you two types of bacterial infections from which you need to protect your budges/parakeets. For more guidance you should contact your avian vet on bacterial infection.

Mega-bacteria Infection

Mega bacteria is a secondary infection and very few aviary keepers know about it or even able to spot it on time. In order to recognize the symptoms of mega bacteria you need to take your bird to avian vet, if you are not sure of symptoms.

What is mega bacteria ?

If your bird is ill for some other reasons then this bacteria will likely to rise on your bird. It’s not primary source of illness and will form only if your bird is ill from some other things. If the primary source of the illness is unknown for some reason then chances are there that mega bacteria infection will remain undetected as well. In order to verify this infection it is better to show your bird to avian vet to avoid further illness.


  • Blood and seeds in the droppings of bird
  • Weight loss over a period of time (during long term illness)
  • Occasional Vomiting Loss of appetite or increase in appetite

Treatment If you separate the ill bird from your aviary and then treat it with some medicine then it’s possible to remove mega bacteria infection completely.Keep aviary clean if any of your bird is infected with mega bacteria infection(it’s better to keep bird separate but within ranges of another bird -so that he doesn’t feel depressed). Check your bird regularly by visiting avian vet.

Psittacosis Infection

This infection is rather serious because if untreated this could transmit from birds to humans just by mere presence. There are very few symptoms that i know of about this infection so you should consult to avian vets book on parakeet infection.

Chlamydiosis Infection

This is one of the common infection but very serious among birds. This infection is periodic in almost every bird species and therefore needs to be taken care of after it shows signs of infections.

Symptoms – Some symptoms like sudden death, regular sickness, weight loss or appetite, sneezing, loss of feathers and Diarrhoea.

Treatment – If your bird shows these symptoms then first step is to show it to avian vet. If you’re confident about this infection then you can give medicines like Baytril or Doxycycline. It’s always better to use the medicine suggested by avian vet. It takes apprx 4-6 weeks for birds to recover from this infection after proper treatment.

Other serious infections – Septicemia and Gram Negative Infection. These are some serious infections and in order to cure your bird you need help from avian vet.

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