Aquarium & Fish Care Tips

Maintaining an aquarium can be a good hobby and it can be pleasing and less noisy experience unlike keeping other pets. If you’re serious about maintaining your own aquarium then you need to think about many points in order to keep fish in aquarium alive. Any little mistake could take life of fishes in aquarium.

Before you maintain an aquarium learn habits and patterns of fishes. First place to know about fishes is from aquarium seller who can guide you for fish life, habits and other patterns. Second place is to get knowledge from people who study oceanography, biology. Third place to get knowledge about fishes is from internet in reputed fish-care/maintaining forum or blog. Be careful with the advice that you get from internet and in order to verify that ask questions to aquarium maintainer or sellers.

Some tips for those who are interested in maintaining aquarium:-

First thing to do is not to add the water from fish bag to your bowl or box. This water is often muddy and could be contaminated. You can get fresh water and then use the fish net to lift the fish up and drop in bowl or box.

  • Ensure that you always maintain a proper amount of light on fish bowl or fish tank.
  • You can add different species of fishes in one tank; just make sure they are not harmful to each other.
  • Only add new fish in the tank if you use fresh water in tank.
  • Some fishes require ammonization process to settle down in tank, so you can add those fishes depending on the week in which it gets completed.
  • Only add marine based plants in the tank or fish bowl.
  • When you first add water to tank for first fish make sure that you add half water then later increase the level of water.
  • Don’t forget to check the temperature with thermostat while increasing the water level.
  • Add the filters and heater at the end of the process such that you can see the fishes getting comfortable with fresh water in the tank.
  • Avoid direct intense sunlight and heater exposure to the fish tank.
  • Food that you drop in tank takes some time to go down the tank and many times it floats at the top so check you add their food regularly.
  • Plants in tank maintain the ammonia and it takes 5 weeks for ammonia to settle down so choose the plants carefully.

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